Works for Me Wednesday – I am a real Mom!

Ok, so Laura at Heavenly Homemakers has a wonderful post about being a REAL MOM. I am one of those! Maybe I should start a 12 step program and have weekly support group meetings. Yes, my bathroom is dirty and smells like pee (amen, to the boys learning to aim already!) and I sprayed bleach on everything yesterday to combat the odor.

It’s after 9:00 am and I’m still in my pj’s. I haven’t washed my hair since Saturday. There are dirty dishes in the sink. My pumpkin decorations are still sitting by the back door waiting to go into the attic. My bed hasn’t been made in a month.

My REAL parenting issues are hilarious in hind-sight.  My 6-year-old is bound and determined to try to step over every line we give him. His journal writing included a reference to “poop” the other day. The teacher’s comment at the top of the paper: You’re a nut! I agreed and instructed him to not write about poop anymore. So, yesterday he comes home with a journal paper. I can see it while I’m driving and ask him if he wrote about poop. He slowly answers no, then begins to read what he had written. He pauses and I ask for him to hand me the paper.

I’ve repeated my instructions about not writing about poop again!

On the other hand, my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. My children are wearing clean clothes and they were fed breakfast this morning. I didn’t scream at anyone today. I’ll take a shower in a minute. My kids received a prayer from me before leaving the car at school.

So, I’m not perfect but I’m a real mom and I know that God loves me anyway!

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About mkcmom

I'm a typical southern gal with two boys (ages 8 and 14) to raise and a husband to partner with against whatever the world throws at us each day.
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