So, the day begins with a trip to sick call.  5-Year-Old’s cough just won’t go away.  Drop off at the pharmacy and head to VBS.  We are rounding up the kids to leave our room and two rambuctious 5th graders decide to get “better acquainted”!  After “laying hands on them” in the nicest way possible, we were able to separate them.  A couple of phone calls later, the parents are informed of the escapade.  WOW! 

“Hey, mom, we saw a fight at VBS,” is not what you want your kids to say after their morning at church.  Our pastor had given the invitation for any kids to pray with adult workers that morning so I see that Satan was really working overtime to disrupt our classes.  He didn’t succeed because after the kids left the room and I quit crying, we covered our room and kids in prayers!  Satan get behind me, we have work to do with these kids and their hearts!

Pray for tomorrow to go better and be more productive…in a spiritual sense!


About mkcmom

I'm a typical southern gal with two boys (ages 8 and 14) to raise and a husband to partner with against whatever the world throws at us each day.
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