Week of VBS

What a day!  We had over 350 kids registered at our VBS yesterday!  I think they multiplied overnight!  HA!  It is such fun to see the faces of these kids as they explore the Bible.  Some of them, maybe for the first time!

We had some friends come over afterwards for lunch and a nap.  The horses came up to the fence and we were able to feed them some grass!  Lots of fun for these city kids!


About mkcmom

I'm a typical southern gal with two boys (ages 8 and 14) to raise and a husband to partner with against whatever the world throws at us each day.
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One Response to Week of VBS

  1. marci stracener says:

    We have had alot of kids at our VBS, also. We are having a great time, too. We take for granted that so many kids know Christ and they don’t. I love to have the opportunity to share it with these kids.

    I am excited about your blog. I will love reading all of your posts. You are very creative and very good at things like this, unlike me. haha

    Love ya, Marci 🙂

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