House Party!

So I finally got picked to do a House Party! So, excited. The company (in this case Kraft) sends you all this free stuff to host a party. It will be an Ultimate Sandwich Makeover Party! HA! It’ll be a blast. Can’t wait for the package in the mail. Planning on April 15th for the party. Tax day, another reason to celebrate!

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Great weekend

Just spent a wonderful 24 hours with my hubby. We went to Bonne Terre in Nesbit, MS. We went there on my 40th birthday also. Such a beautiful place and wonderful food. Left Hunter and Matt with my mom and sister. Phone call from my sister on Saturday telling me Hunter was runnning a fever of 103. I had taken him into sick call Saturday morning and they did a strep test and it was negative. I think it’s just the crud.

We came home today and have enjoyed a restful afternoon. Gwyn and Matt played 9 holes and then went and did some running at the park. Hunter and I napped and watched a movie. He’s been fever free today so I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and send him to school. I hate for him to miss his Valentine’s Party. His birthday is on Tuesday so I’m glad he’s feeling better now.

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New Year, New Beginnings

Ok, so I’m going to try and take a few minutes each week to update our blog so that our families can stay in touch. I don’t dare think that I have anything worthy to say that is earth-shattering. The kids do have some funny antics that I feel would provide some entertainment to far off relatives. Like maybe the time Gwyn and I came home from shopping to find out that Hunter tried to stack the patio chairs on top of one another so that he could climb on the roof. Matt told him that he could die and he said, “Well, I would be in heaven.” God love him!

I have the best of intentions so we’ll see.

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I miss him, too.

I miss him, too, Hunter, but I’m sure he had a bright smile on his face when he read this journal entry.  And I’m sure that he gets a kick out of all your escapades!

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The Map by David Murrow

From the sub-title of this book, “The Way of All Great Men,” I did not really know what to expect from this book.  Would this book even apply to me as a woman?  This is my first book to review as a participant in the BookSneeze book review bloggers program by Thomas Nelson.  When faced with the prospect of combining my love for reading and blogging, I jumped at the chance by signing up quickly.  I still was questioning my choice of this book when I began to read it.  Would it live up to the reviews that were listed in the front of the book?

My fears were quickly cast aside as I became caught up in the intrigue and suspense of the quest for the “Map.”  The twists and turns of the adventure had me guessing about the next step the entire time.  David Murrow does an extremely great job of pulling you into the story with his descriptions of the places and people.

After reading the book through, I had to go back and re-read it with my highlighter in my hand.  Now, the book is half yellow and filled with my notes.  During one scene, David receives an envelope under his hotel door while sleeping.  That caused me to think of all the times God places an “envelope” under our door and waits to see what we will do with it.  Do we open it and proceed to follow His guidance or do we file it in the shred pile and disregard it totally?  Do we question Him as Moses did and ask for someone else to perform the act?  Or do we embrace the guidance and delve more deeply into His Word?  I’ve been guilty of the first two choices more often than the last at one time or another.  Being made aware of my own failings is hard to take at times, but afterwards I can see the wisdom and attempt to change my behaviors.

My prayers are for this book to be a stepping stone for some plans my husband has for a Men’s Ministry for our church.  I’ll be praying for the Map to show him a way to get more men involved in the church by not just filling up the pews but by being involved in the experiences of growing as a follower of Christ.  These followers will be our next leaders and their journey will impact us all.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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Snuggie for Christmas!

So, I was the happiest mom in the world (ok, maybe, just the happiest mom in my house) on Christmas morning.  Got me a Pink Snuggie!  

And Hunter wrote in his journal about it!  HA!

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Not Me Monday!

Ok, so I didn’t let my kids come straight home from their first day back at school, plop down in front of the TV and watch a movie!  Nope, not me.  And I didn’t let them eat cold cereal in front of said TV for their “supper.”  Nope, I would never send my child off to basketball practice with just cereal in his tummy.

I also didn’t tell my 6-year-old son that he had to take a shower because I couldn’t remember when he took his last one.  Nope, my kids always shower each night before going to bed.

While cleaning out my fridge and defrosting my frost free freezer (don’t ask), I didn’t find an empty bottle of Parmesan cheese and 10 bottles of assorted EXPIRED salad dressings.  Guess I didn’t buy much salad this summer!

So, what did you NOT do this week?!

Not me Monday from MckMama

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Works for Me Wednesday – I am a real Mom!

Ok, so Laura at Heavenly Homemakers has a wonderful post about being a REAL MOM. I am one of those! Maybe I should start a 12 step program and have weekly support group meetings. Yes, my bathroom is dirty and smells like pee (amen, to the boys learning to aim already!) and I sprayed bleach on everything yesterday to combat the odor.

It’s after 9:00 am and I’m still in my pj’s. I haven’t washed my hair since Saturday. There are dirty dishes in the sink. My pumpkin decorations are still sitting by the back door waiting to go into the attic. My bed hasn’t been made in a month.

My REAL parenting issues are hilarious in hind-sight.  My 6-year-old is bound and determined to try to step over every line we give him. His journal writing included a reference to “poop” the other day. The teacher’s comment at the top of the paper: You’re a nut! I agreed and instructed him to not write about poop anymore. So, yesterday he comes home with a journal paper. I can see it while I’m driving and ask him if he wrote about poop. He slowly answers no, then begins to read what he had written. He pauses and I ask for him to hand me the paper.

I’ve repeated my instructions about not writing about poop again!

On the other hand, my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. My children are wearing clean clothes and they were fed breakfast this morning. I didn’t scream at anyone today. I’ll take a shower in a minute. My kids received a prayer from me before leaving the car at school.

So, I’m not perfect but I’m a real mom and I know that God loves me anyway!

This post is linked to Works For Me Wednesday!

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Closet Organization

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Phone Bill and Fun!

Another trip to the Verizon store! These new phones are driving me crazy! Got it all straightened out now, I think!

Girls from our Sunday school class got together last night for food and fun. We had some great pots of chili and soup and some wonderful desserts. After filling up on food, we went to the movies. What fun and it wasn’t even an animated film. “Love Happens” is the one I went to see with six other ladies. Can’t believe I was crying watching a man shop at a Home Depot. Just loved Jennifer Aniston, she’s so cute.

Now, another rainy day! My second workout this week under my new resolve to get in better shape. How can I be turning 43 tomorrow? Happy Birthday to me! HA!

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